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whats the cuckoldry scene, well for starters after looking at a few of the pages within this site you should have a pretty broad idea, in a nutshell its about husbands watching their wives getting fucked by other males.

Before we go into the UK cuckolding swinging scene you first need to know what does what, indeed who does who within Cuckolded Sex and their are three basic parts within a cuckold swingers contacts and those are a bull, hotwife and cuckold.

The hotwife & cuckold although usually refereed to as cuckold husband normally are a married couple although couples that have been involved within a long term relationship will also get involved within the scene and even still refer to the male partner as the cuckold hubby, so whilst traditionally married couples you can also have couples within a steady relationship.

The Bull is the male who is single or in an open relationship that arranges to meet with couple and the male can be either straight or bisexual depending on the type of meet you've arranged.

These types of "fetish" type meets or activities are refereed to as Cuckold Sex and will involve in most cases the bull fucking the female partner whilst the male partner watches and is defiantly NOT a threesome

Bulls & Cuckold, their roles within the swingers couples lifestyle

The roles of a bull within a cuckold couple can diversity so much depending on the type of contact and you can meet most types of male partners for cuckolding within our site from males that just want to meet and fuck to others that will enjoy the humiliation side to cuckoldry forcing husbands to do things.

So if your looking for the strong alpha male that makes the perfect male partner / bull to fuck your slut wife then you won't have any problems meeting with these males, whether its a younger male that wants to meet with older women or males of a similar age we can easily direct you towards these contacts

The Cuckolded husbands we have as members will look towards bulls to fuck there wives and can range from everything from just sitting back and watching playing the voyeur husbands to members that look towards the more fetish meets where they enjoy being humiliated and often these weaker type husbands are submissive and enjoy being dominated by stronger hotwives / bulls

So it doesn't matter what type bull or cuckold couple your looking for by using our advance search if your looking for someone from a specific race, age, location or hung like a donkey then we can help you find these contacts

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