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We were new to the site and joined for one reason along so that I could spy on my wife being fucked at dogging locations ......that simple, well we though it would be simple but for the life of us we couldn't find any West Midlands dogging locations so gave up......that was until my wife found out about cuckold contacts website's!!

After looking around we joined up and posted our personals advert and waiting hopefully for the responses to come in, which they did. We explained to the guys that I wanted to spy on my wife whilst she was getting fucked outdoors and asked if anyone knew a good local where I could watch from a distance so that know one would know I was there, we soon got the positive reply and a meet was arranged

We told the guys that we didn't want any foreplay and this was just going to be about one thing alone and that was to fuck her

Pete a guy local guy to us told us he could meet that night and told us where about's in the West Midlands to meet and knowing the park well knew just where I could watch and get a perfect viewpoint of her being fucked

We arranged a time and made it late as we didn't want anyone else around and Pete told us that whilst it was a current dogging location it was still pretty quite and if anyone else would be around they would just watch from a distance, just hoped they would block my view

We drove down and getting out of the car I walked ito the brushes and my wife drove around the corner and parked up in the car park. A few minutes later Pete drove in and the agreement was that they would flash lights and she would open her passenger side window

Getting out of the car I could see my wife clearly and Pete walked around to the car and they stood at the agreed place and it was like my own private peeping tom show as I could see everything. Pete knew the score and it was about one thing alone that was fucking my wife

He pushed her against the car and pushing his hand up her skirt had the pleasure of finding that she'd already removed her knickers and looking at the way his hand was moving was giving her a pretty good fingering..........FUCK, I wish I was closer so that I could see more details

It wasn't long before my wife had her hand down his trousers and playing with this cock, he then pulled his hand out from under her dress and turned her around and bent her over the bonnet, getting his cock out I could see that he was going to fuck her and by now there was a few other guys standing around watching

dogging cuckold storyHe pushed his cock deep into her, slowly at first and then started speeding up and he was fucking so hard that the car was shaking around and from seeing the reaction on the other guys faces could tell she was enjoying herself.

He didn't take long before he came and pulling out moved away, but to my surprise one of the other guys walked over and dropping his pants started fucking her straight away afterwards!! - This really wasn't expected or planned but thankfully Pete hung around so that he could keep an eye on things and I got a real try of spying on my wife having a dogging gangbang !!!

It wasn't long before he came and thing time my wife stood up and drove out and collected me, we drove home and fucked like crazy for hours and then sent a text message to pete telling him next time arrange for more guys to be around.

I never told my wife I'd set the whole thing up and her little group dogging fucking was the first of many cuckold dogging meets

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