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So what really is a Sissy Cuckold husband and do you have to be married to be classed as a sissy?

So your new to the idea of being a sissy male! or as in most cases your wife has told you go go away and research what sissification is and as a couple your both new to the world of sissies and cuckolds, in that case you've found one of the best resources and should you want a place to meet with bulls that will fuck you whilst your sissy hubby watches, helpless to do anything !

You may have heard of the term sissy maid / crossdressing cuckold and a few other choice terms but not really sure what it means or what involvement as a wife, husband or bull has within a sissy cuckold / contacts meet and at first you may think you want to be a sissy cuckold ( assuming your wife is giving you the choice) so before you can jump straight in its a good idea you understand what you are taking on and understand exactly what a sissy male is.

Crossdressing v Sissies

Within the world of crossdressing males and cuckolds, there are males that would identify themselves as "sissy husband" but more often than not, NOT a crossdresser and these males that class themselves within the sissification contacts have often completely sacrificed their masculinity to their hotwives or partners along with including their right to a "normal" sex life.

For most sissy cuckold couples will not have engaged in what many would class as normal sex with their wives or indeed any other woman for sometime and depending on just how serious the couple take role playing it could well be that the husband has been forced to abstained from sex for a few days, weeks, months or in some cases where the husband hasn't had sex with his wife for years! often being made to where a CBT chastity devise to stop him from wanking off

But these weak males are not sexless males and most sissy cuckolds are allowed to participate in some way within there wife's enjoyment when she's entertaining her males and just how much involvement will depend on the wife but sissy males get there sexual pleasure by watching others males with there partners.

Turning a Sissy Cuckold Fantasy to realty

Its not that hard and i'm not talking about the sissies cock here, often husbands will be told to place adverts within swingers and adult contacts sites looking for males to use there wives, and in some cases its the other way round with wives looking for males and the sissy will just be told that the wife has a male coming round to fuck her, he can watch!

Often males / husbands will have fantasies about watching there wives getting fucked by other males and quite often its when the husband approaches the wife regarding turning these fantasies into realities that the wives will then turn the tables on the husbands and force them into chasty and for the ultimate insult make them dress as women / maids

How far the sissification goes depends on the couple and it can just involve the husband being maid to wear women clothing, normally a maids outfit or have the bulls humiliate the males by making reference to the husband small cock and their inadequacy of being able to please there wife and in some cases make the sissy serve them and even perform cuckold cleanup where the sissy will lick cum from the wife's cunt or suck the guys cock clean

Being a sissy husband can be a bit of fun or something taken deadly serious by the couple and as a single male contacting a couple when you read swingers profile you will soon get an idea of what the couple expect from the meet

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