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with everyone turning to streaming cuckold porn these days the amount of Cuckold porn online is now VAST, although least in my view some of it should have never left the cutting room let alone being made available to stream

With so much porn being online finding GOOD cuckold videos does seem like hard work and lets face it reading the reviews on the covers of DVDs will always say its an "award winning, pure class, best yet" cuckold movie as they want you to buy it!

So finding the cuckold videos you want to watch can be a hit or miss thing with is why I'll be adding reviews of videos I watch and as I'll be including some screen shots hopefully it will give you a better idea of whats on offer rather than just taking the word of some DVD production company

Honest cuckold reviews on the new video releases

The reviews we will doing will primarily be for streaming porn but some of the videos will be for release on DVD but as VOD offers a much greater selection its the streaming option that will really give you the choice of titles to watch and the best in the smaller more fetish niches, like cum eating cuckolds & sissy maids

All the videos previewed here will be done by myself and as a cuckolded husband I do have a more than fare understand of whats expected so make sure you bookmark this page and return often to read reviews & download free cuckold images from the films I've watched

New videos that will be reviewed shortly

  • Blow Him And Then You Can Fuck Me - new video release from Doghouse Digital with Mile High Media starring Cindy Dollar. I've not seen many videos with Cindy as the starring role so should be interesting but the idea of Doghouse Digital releasing a cuckoldry video really leaves me wondering whats this is going to be like ! - review to follow
  • Mom's Cuckold 2 - one thing you can be sure of is studio Reality Junkies always produce the goods so this new video has got a lot of living up to do and hopefully won't let their fans down with this new cuckold porn movie - pending review
  • Interracial Cuckold Surprise - its a sold theme within the swinging scene where a black guy fuck's a white women so they are not re-inventing the wheel here but the way people have been going on about this video I'm really keen to watch it and hope it lives up to its hype - full review to follow
  • Forced Bi Cuckolds 6 - Kick Ass pictures offers up some of the best in cuckoldry, least I think so and so does the thousands of others that are awaiting their new videos and this one I'm sure won't disappoint us fans - review pending

The above videos are pending being reviewed but in the meantime if you want to check the videos out then just used the banner running along the side as that will kept updated when new cuckold releases are made available

NEW cuckold videos !!

bookmark, return get access to free reviews on cuckold porn movies, done by fans so offering a much better insight into whats expected from a porn video

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