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Read what happens when the wife catches her husband wearing his wife knickers

This story was sent to us by new cuckold couple and whilst it clear the husbands intention wasn't to be turned into a sissy husband the hotwife clearly had different ideas especially when she caught him wearing her knickers!!

I've changed a few details around as the couple did place contacts details but if you log into the members section and view cuckold blogs you'll soon see this couples blog as they have since sending this story in sent others

This is my true confession and whilst until this I'd never dreamed what my wife wanted to do to me I'm now very much a sissy cuckold husband and my wife's dresses my most weekends as her sissy slave - It started quite innocently, well least I think its innocent for a husband to wear his wife knickers when she's not around

This is my story about how I got caught in my wife's Panties. I was sat alone in the house as the wife had gone out with some friends and for some reason this urge came over me to strip naked and put my wife's knickers on! I laid back on the bed and slowly pulled my wife's panties on which almost instantly gave me hard cock.

dogging cuckold storyLaying back on the bed i was rubbing my hard cock through the silk knickers and then suddenly heard the door open downstairs and not having the time to dress pulled the covers over me and thought I'd pretended to be asleep. Laying back my heart was pounding with the thought of her catching me

She walked it the bedroom and looking over could see that I'd left her knickers draw open. Walking into the room she saw straight away that her drawer was open, looking towards me she slowly lifted the sheets to reveal me her husband wearing her knickers

Walking to the top of the bed she stripped off down to her knickers and bra then moved over and leaned forward and started licking the crouch exactly where my cock was and now I was rock hard cock through her panties. We then had amazing sex that night fucking for hours and even to my surprise she put some other knickers and a bra on me

This was pure heaven and we had the amazing sex all night, it was then that she told me her fantasy and that was that she wanted to fuck other males, but now with me watching and dress as a little sissy maid. At first it was a bit of a shock but then the idea of watching my wife getting fucked and more so having her dress me up turned me on

We then joined a cuckold website and as they say the rest is history, although so far joined is all we've done and we've not meet with anyone yet as we are both pretty fussy about the type of males we meet

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