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The term cuckoldry has been around for some years and whilst its only been really recently that more people are using it probably down to all the swingers & contacts site but suddenly the word cuckold is almost as communally used as words like NSA, swingers and contacts

But where did this word originate from after all we all know a cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife but it also has various undertones including fetish terms, sissy husbands, cuckquean's, wittols, humiliation & degradations within both married and non married couples, in fact any couples within an analogous relationship seems to be getting into cuckolding.

History of cuckoldry

There are various reports about where cuckold originated from but the vast bulk revolve around an old french word for the word cuckoo, cucu and the earliest written use of cuckold was in the the Middle English derivation, cokewold, occurs in 1250 which means thats the oldest cuckold couple in history.

The associations to the cuckoo is they will steel other other bird’s nests along with the eggs freeing themselves and nurture the eggs to hatching. The first reference to this within literature or the female equivalent cuckquean is in 1562.

It has also been stated that male cucks ( cuckolds) are written as "wearing the horns of a cuckold" and again this apparently refers that the husband being cuckolded is the last to know about his wife's infidelity.

The other idea behind the husband wearing horns is in reference to a village where males would gather and collectively humiliate a man after his wife gives birth to a child thats not his and legend goes these men are forced to wear antlers and its when you look at the history of the term you can see where the humiliation, watching and control comes into play within the cuckoldry scene

Cuckoldry as a fetish

cuckold sex has evolved into various sub cultures with the "normal" meaning of a cuckold is a male / married man that allows his wife to cheat on him with his knowledge and in most / all cases the husband will be present and watching.

In these situations the cuckquean ( wife ) is typically sexually dominant partner although some wives when with the bulls will be submissive but in most cases its the male that takes on a submissive role never becoming involved sexually not unless she permits it

In all cases where the male cuckolded has a desire to just watch and never get involved and for a cuckolded is more about the sexual gratification of watching and being a voyeur.

In some cases part of the role play is built around sexually humiliated in front of the bull and this can take the role of where the husband is refused to watch or locked out of the house. This can also lead into a broader context where the husband is forced into joining them to perform oral sex on either partners although forced is taken onboard within the role playing of the evening

Further fetish role play may also include the male being made to dress as a maid or where the wife is a strong dominant partner where she will force the males to play with each other whilst she watches

So when considering the cuckoldry lifestyle and contacting members its important to understand the type of couple you are meeting and what they will expect from you, which in the vast amount of cases will simply be you fucking the wife whilst the hubby watches

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