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Dominant wives & cuckoldry

With a subculture genre of cuckoldry you have the femdom / cuckquean / Female dominance roles where often roles within the cuckold partnership can be flipped in favour of the hotwife or Femdom

Although many will assume femdom / dominant wives refers to the BDSM scene within the cuckold scene this also applies where the wife is the dominant side within the role playing relationships. The dominant woman / wife within this is sometimes called a domme, cuckquean, femdomme, domina, or dominatrix and looks towards her male paretners as slaves within the partnership

Associated activities & role playing

The dominant wife within a cuckold relastionship can take on many roles & sexual activities that are often associated within the bondage or bdsm lifestly and can often be cross mixed with couples having interest in both cuckoldry / bondage contacts

The common theme within this is the switch roles and reversal where the wives take control of both the bull & husband, although in some cases you can have a dominant male as well.

When you have dominant wives activities will revolve around humiliation & control of the husband and can include the use of strap-ons in which the dominant wife will perform anal sex on the submissive husband or force him to do sexual acts on the bull with oral sex or even making the bull fuck the husband

Other acts can include face sitting,cunnilingus, and "forced" feminisation of the husband / male partner and this type of role reversal does has many ranging extremes from just mild fantasies where the hubby will be ordered to get drinks to the extremes of being fucked by the bull

Fem Dominance within Cuckoldry

Whilst it clear that the cuckoldry lifestyle does have many sub culture and female dominance is one of them I would say this type of contact is probably on the minority rather than the majority and for most wives its really about fucking other males

How every when considering contacting couples from a male / bull viewpoint this is one of the reasons its paramount to full understand the type of contact you are getting involved with, after all if the femdom will want you to fuck her husband then you need to cool about this

With all the contacts that we have within the site we give unlimited space so members can post their requirements and what they expect from the meet and thankfully most / all cuckquean postings I've seem where the wife is the dominant role have posted up VERY detailed expectations

So when looking at profile or indeed posting them make sure you give as much information as you can so that everyone is fully aware of what they are getting into bed with and if the bull is going to be required to fuck your hubby

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