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Cuckoldry & dogging really should go hand in hand, after all most couples that go dogging are looking for one thing, thats horny guys so that the wife can enjoy sucking on another cock or better still getting fucked over the car and as for the cuckold husband, well he gets his treat by watching his wife getting fucked by doggers

but a lot of people don't have a clue about finding the best locations or what to look out for when they go dogging so here we address a few of those key pointers so hopefully you won't fall into the trap of just sitting in some public car park getting cold but no action

OK where do I find cuckold dogging locations?

Well for starters forget looking at all these website's that claim to offer information on where to meet dogger's as the only thing they are offering is outdated information or in most cases links onto premium rate numbers that will cost you a fortune to listen too

The BEST place to find dogging couples is to ask the people that are in the scene already and within our members section we have thousands of couples all over the UK that are into dogging and more than happy to sharer this information with other cuckold couples

Within the members section which by the way is FREE TO JOIN we had dedicated forums on both cuckoldry & dogging and inside the forums people post details of dogging locations they use and ones that are better off staying away from due to heavy patrolling by the police

The forum postings are split by region so finding location dogging information is easy and once you get used to looking around the forum postings you'll soon start finding members posting and details of where the best meeting places are .........or NOT!

Once you have the location you can either post a message asking if anyone wants to meet and normally if a cuckold dogging couple you won't have any problems finding males that will want to shag the old Mrs or should you prefer just drive their and look out for dogger's

How do I know someone's dogging

Its one of the most asked questions in the forum " how will I know if your looking for dogging meets" in most cases people will either leave interior lights on, flash headlights, leave windows open or leave the back door of the car open, all these are a strong indication that the couple are dogging and looking for males

So if your looking to meet up with cuckold dogging couples or just find locations around the UK just join up basic membership is free and that will get you access to the forums where you can directly chat with other dogging contacts and cuckoldry members

here some recent cuckold couples photos!

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