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New to the scene and want to find out what others are getting up to? then try reading some of the cuckold stories we have had submitted within our members section.

By reading our members stories it offers a unique chance to gain a real insight into the UKcuckold scene and give you a chance to learn from others that are already meeting with bulls and couples and needless to say reading what others have been fantasising about or indeed doing

If you really want to find out what goes on behind closed doors then reading members stories is a way into a private world that only a couple & their bull get to see and with these cuckolded stories theirs one thing for sure you DON'T have to read between the lines its all written down with every penetration or cock sucking experience.

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The forums and blogs sections within our site are full of members postings and offer both entertaining and informative reads and certainly if your new to the scene a real insight and hopefully further encourage you to find couples or maybe even run in the other direction as they will give an honest introduction on the cuckold fetish scene if your still a newbie contact considering it.

The stories that have been submitted fall into two categories those that are fiction and will be submitted by someone that perhaps is still considering about the scene and those stories that are real life cuckold encounters.

For me I personally prefer the true life stories as you'll know this story was sent in by a bull or cuckold couple perhaps telling what recently happened and a true life account, or if something when wrong it points out what to look out for when meeting contacts!

All the stories submit are by members themselves and couples that are living the lifestyle and these stories offer a wide collection of themes but all have one different theme thats wives getting fucked by other guys and the hubbies enjoying watching the show.

If your new then you'll learn about the different terms and cultures within the ukcuckolded scene like polyandry, masochism, cuckold bukkake, voyeurism, submales, sissy husbands, humiliation, dominance, submission and needless to say loads horny hotwife and Bull Story.

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