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One of the great advantages of an members only website means we are able to offer some of the very best in online live chatting and this is done either using live instant chat like the chatroom's or using the cuckold forums that offer members the chance to post questions and gain advice from others

Both systems offer slightly different features but both will help members either chat with other cuckolded couples or find information

Features of using the chatroom

Our cuckold Chat Rooms gives you the complete freedom to talk with others and thats not just members from uk for could be talking to a cuckold members from the US or spain.

Our members will use the chatroom to ask questions which are especially useful if you are new to the scene

Immediately after you have joined Cuckold couples as either a free member or paid you can start chatting with other members instantly by just clicking on the live chat button within the right hand menu and live chat system will open up the only condition we make is you must agree to the rules, members breaking these rules could have there membership cancelled.

Features of cuckold forums

Forums offer members so much from postings about parties, to asking direct advice on subjects from meeting bulls to asking direct questions about what can be expect from a bull when he meets a couple for the first time

Where our forum is so busy theirs always members posting up information and with dedicated sections on the cuckoldry swingers scene and its a great way for members to keep in contact with others and to helping everyone keeping communicating and informed!

Whilst the forum offers it dedicated sections just for cuckold contacts its also got another 36 different sections where you'll people posting anything from party information, dogging locations or just asking for help or advice on something they are considering and often you will get new members posting questions that always get a good response by our busy community!

So where you want to instant communication that the cuckoldry chat rooms offer or wish to post questions for help & advice within the forums section both of these ways will offer you a great way of meeting and chatting with others.

join up today and start chatting with others that enjoy the cuckold swinging scene

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