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If your new to the cuckoldry scene? In that case its worth while to take 5 to read this page and you may find it useful as we discuss the reasons why couples turn towards swingers websites and address new couples that want to try UK cuckoldry.

The internet has opened the doors for people to gain access to a fetish swingers genre that many previously never had access to after all finding some male to fuck your wife whilst you watch is not something your going to find easily, but before you jump into this especially if a new couple there are some considerations before you join the fun

Are you sure you want to trey cuckold contacts ?

For the vast bulk of new couples the reason they will join a contacts site is after months even sometimes years of sexual fantasies thinking about seeing there partner with person and whilst you would assume this would be just the husband that fantasies about this wives also wonder what it would be like to fuck other males knowing the hubby is watching

So joining a contact site like this is about turning your sexual fantasy into fact and with so many contacts websites online a lot of couples are using the internet for this reason and needless to say we have thousands that have joined up just for this reason alone and more of these couples are looking towards making these fantasies become a reality

So if your new to cuckold swinging scene you need to make sure your joining for all the right reasons and there are several things you should consider before join the fun.......

  • Don"t force your partner into the cuckold scene. - its pointless bullying your partner into the scene and you need to make sure you both fully happy and discuss your sexual fantasies before you even start thinking about joining cuckold swingers website. If your BOTH not fully happy then STOP. Forcing someone into the scene and pushing a reluctant cuckold partner to meet a member is not going to make them change their minds about fucking others plus there even a higher risk that it will harm your relationship. So make sure your both happy
  • Boundaries know what they are!! - unlike swinging its assumed that any males you meet will end up fucking you but what about your husbands role in this, is he going to just sit and watch or are you going to want him getting involved maybe playing a sissy husband where he will serve you and your bull. So deciding what type of cuckold meet you'll be looking for is important .
  • Remember why your meeting this male - never fall in love most bulls and couples are in the cuckoldry scene for one thing alone thats to get the mrs fucked and will be in happy / strong relationships so remember that when your meeting members its for one thing alone declaring any feelings you have towards someone is going to complicate the issues and could even destroy someone's marriage.
  • Photos, calling David Bailey - whilst some husband like to video or take photos whilst there wives are getting fucked you need to make sure your bull / male is happy about this as not all are so happy about some husband pointing a camera whilst they play

Still happy to join .......great- JOIN UP !!

Whilst I don't want to put any new cuckold couples off from joining us these points you need to consider and if any of the above will cause you concerns then consider again as maybe cuckoldry isn't for you not the case

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