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Does the word VOD mean nothing to you? well trust me soon adult vod ( video on demand) will be the ONLY way you watch cuckold videos as not only does it cost a fraction of the price of buy cuckold dvds you also have the advanced of INSTANT access to thousands of cuckold streaming videos

With most people having access to faster internet access more people are turning towards using vod ( video on demand) to view porn dvds after all whats the point in buying a DVD when you can stream it NOW and watch it for a fraction of the cost of buying the DVDs

Also one of the things I've found is that many adult DVDs stores don't hold a great selection of cuckoldry dvds and this means the choice of films isn't that good and we are stuck with buying the "run of mill" cuckold porn and if our cuckoldry is the more hardcore titles such as Bab Productions you'll never find these on adult DVD sites!

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But if you are new to using cuckold vod this may seem all very confusing with the various options for viewing videos, after all its not just a case of looking at some DVD cover then buying with VOD you have three different options, each offering different features

different Features of cuckold vod porn

  • Streaming cuckold - with this feature you can either stream movies for 24/48 hours and will give you instant access as the movies are streamed directly from our severs so videos will start within a few seconds of clicking on the view option
  • Download - if you want DVD quality cuckold movies then the download option is for you, although it will take between 2-4 hours to download the porn video but compare that with buying a cockold DVD and having to wait 2 weeks I know which option I'd prefer. download options are 7-31 days
  • PPV ( pay per view) - in my view the reason video on demand was made as you only pay for what you watch, so 10 minutes of porn will cost you 40 pence! it works by streaming the porn directly onto your PC and so you only watch the scene you want to watch each movie is split into sections so if you want to stream scene 3 then all you need do is check out the free screen shots thats displayed then click view and within a few sections the video will start and depending on how long you watch will determine the cost
  • Download & burn - want to download the cuckold video and burn it onto a DVDR ? then choose this option and you can download the video, burn it onto a blank DVD along with all the artwork and keep it for a as long as you want. By doing this the download will take a couple of hours and will be half the price of buying the DVD from some online porn store but you'll get the DVD inside a couple of hours as well!

If that wasn't enough check out these other great features

  • No membership fees
  • No software required to download
  • Only pay for what YOU watch
  • Get free sample movies for you to view
  • over 120,000 porn videos ready to watch now
  • Totally anonymous viewing
  • support is all at hand should you need help 247!

So what are you waiting for if your looking to gain access to some of the worlds best cuckold videos then just click on the video cover above our use the link below and start access some of the worlds very best in cuckold porn

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